Friday, October 27, 2006

Too Many Options...

So I have started to worry about stuff that I know I should not even be thinking about at this point in time. To begin with I started thinking about where I would apply to graduate school if I decide to get a PhD. This of course leads to other issues such as what classes should I take, what kind of nonacademic activities should I participate in, etc. Then there is the, "What do I really want to do for a living?" So far I have narrowed it down to two choices, but the paths for each are vastly different. For one I will almost certainly need a PhD from a prestigious institution, while for the other I need to pass a series of test so my degree will have little if any impact. For some reason I have also thought about what I would like to minor in since I do not really feel like double majoring in any of the other fields that interest me. At this point I am thinking that I will most likely pick two of the following; physics, economics, actuarial sciences, or statistics. I am leaning towards economics and actuarial sciences mostly because they are more directly related to my desired career choices. I do find the other choices interesting it's just that I am not sure I would gain as much from them.
As previously stated, I should not be worrying about most of these things. I should really be thinking about actually learning physics and passing the grandeur that was Rome. Try not
to misinterpret learning physic as, I don't know physics, because I actually do, I would just like a deeper understanding that I currently have. My classes this semester have not in the least kept me "entertained", by that I mean I have no strong desire to learn the material. Hopefully this will change next semester or next year when I get to take upper level math and economics classes.
Well I have been dwelling on my problems for too long, I feel it is time for a change of subject. So I have started downloading music once again. This might seem like no big deal but I haven't done this since the end of high school. Most of the music has been coming from albumbase or googletalk. The music I've been listening to has made me just how important orchestra was to me back in the day. Surprisingly I really miss being able to play my violin or guitar. Hopefully my parents have kept the violin and Roland hasn't lost my guitar. I would really love to go to a concert. Live performances are altogether on a different plane than recordings. If you were wondering what kind of concert I will make it less ambiguous, CLASSICAL MUSIC!!! There now there should be no confusion as to what I expect.
I have been rambling on for a while now, if you are still reading then I must congratulate you for making it this far. As you reward here is the video that comes with every post.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why Math...?

So as you have already guessed the first thing that pisses me off is when people ask me "What is there to do with a math degree other than teach?" Now this is somewhat understandable because the image that we seem to get from others is that your college major defines what you will do with your life. I would know about this since my mom majored in an agricultural field while in college and now she is working for the government and her work has NOTHING to do with agriculture. Well here is why I want to major in mathematics. First off you can do just about anything, since employers will see that you majored in math and realize that you have strong analytical skills. Now what kind of company doesn't want an employee with analytical skills? Personally I want to pursue a career that will in some way be tied to the financial world. Honestly all you need to do is take finance and economics classes to show that you have some understanding of the topics.
As for the careers that interest me you are almost required to take a large series of mathematics and non-mathematics classes. One choice I am considering is becoming an acuter (to learn more about this profession visit In order to be an acknowledged acuter there are a series of rigorous test that one must pass. Most of these test have a passing rate that is no higher than 30%. Another option is trying to become an Quantitative Analyst. (This is comparable to a trader in many ways) For this it is very beneficial to have "some understanding" of economics and computer programming.
If for some reason I change my mind about what to do there is always the ability to use knowledge gained from my other non-math classes. Sure I could be a math teacher but really I do not have the kind of patience to teach kids, and as for being a professor I would have to teach an upper level class so that I am teaching only people who actually want to be in the class or can at least pretend to find it interesting.
So I guess the next time someone ask me "What can you do with a math degree other than teach?" I think I will answer with "What ever the fuck I that I think about it I think I will take the job that you want."

Now for the video: