Saturday, November 18, 2006


Friday November 15th, a day that few will ever forget. If you had seen the news in the last two weeks you are sure to have heard about it. This is such an important moment in history, people were killed in its honor. At this point you should be wondering what I am talking about. Well for those of you that did not know, the Playstation 3 (PS3) hit American stores on the previously stated date. For the past two week there have been stories all over the news about people camping outside of stores, some had been there for weeks. Sony only sent 400,000 PS3s to the US. As you can imagine the demand if far beyond this. On the day of its arrival there were reports of shootings and muggings at stores that were about to open their doors to those who were dedicated to wait outside for so long. Now some of you might be thinking that a video game console is not worth dying for, but you must remember that it cost anywhere between $499 and $600. This system is supposed to redefine the way that we perceive entertainment. Now I wouldn't know about this first hand, it is just what all the online articles are telling me.
Now this is where I am affected. Should I get the PS3, get the Xbox360, or wait for the Nintendo Wii. I have my reasons for wanting all three, too bad there is no way I will ever be able to afford that, I can barely afford to get one of them. Right now I have an Xbox so I am leaning more towards getting an Xbox360 if for no reason other than I will not have to go and "restock" on games. The Wii has me curoious to see just how the new control will be for games such as Madden and SuperSmash Brothers. Nintendo as of now has the advantage when it comes to new games that I desire since there is the new Zelda game and SuperSmash. The only new Xbox game that I want is Halo3 and this is mainly for the reason that Halo2 left me wanting closure to the story line. The Wii will be the cheapest by far but still it won't cheap by any stretch of the imagination.
What I think I will end up doing is waiting and reading all the positive and negative reports about each system. Basically about how they overheat, start to lag, have unbelievable graphics, and so on.
Really I don't know why I am even making a post about this.
Well I dedicate this post's video to those brave persons that gave their lives fighting, just so that we may be able to one day have our very own PS3s.

Monday, November 06, 2006

...I Can't Stand General Education.

There are a few things that I would like to make clear before I continue. First, for those of you that will be viewing this on Facebook please do not leave any comments that can potentially be reworded to, "What video are you talking about?" or "Where is the video?" I will make it say this for the last time, YOU HAVE TO GO AND VIEW THE ORIGINAL POST! Second, before I say anything worthwhile I will take this time me talk about just he pointless general education requirements are. Sure I can understand the university wanting to have "well rounded" students, but if you were to even think about this for more than five minuets you realize that this is not the way to go about it. Really if you are forced to choose a class to take in order to meet some requirement most people will choose to take the easiest class that is available. Why put yourself through hell for a subject you don't give a flying fuck about? Another problem I have with this is that when you think of all the "professionals" that you know, how many of them are well versed in more than three areas. If you can even name one then you have been more fortunate that I have been these last eighteen years. Well I just had to get that out of the way.
Well registration for the spring semester starts this week. My registration date is set for November 9th. What I find confusing is that almost everyone else that I know is set to register for the 10th. I know that National Merit students get to register first and the seniors and down the line, but what makes me different from the other freshman? The world might never know. The classes I want to take are; Elementary Differential Equations, Numbers and Polynomials, Age of the Dinosaurs, History of Jazz, and Financial Accounting. Age of the Dinosaurs is one of those classes that I am taking because I need to meet gay (that's right I said gay) general education requirements, as you can imagine I have been told that it is an easy A. History of Jazz will also fulfill some general education requirements but I have been told that the teacher is sensational and that it will be one of those classes that I never forget. The remaining classes are for my major, so naturally I find them to be interesting, or to help me prepare for an Actuarial exam. This semester has thought me that I should never take a class before 9:00 in the morning because I will either sleep through it or just not care about it. My grades aren't that bad, actually I quite happy with them. I am expecting an A in Calculus,Microeconomics, Physics, and maybe Physics Lab. If I don't get an A in Physics Lab then I will have a B+. As for the Grandeur That was Rome I am sure that my final grade will range somewhere from a B+ to a C, and really I could care less.
It is almost Putnam time and I feel as if I have not improved enough to get a positive score. Sure the median score is a zero, but I would like to get full credit for one question or at least partial credit for two. Since my last update I have been looking mostly at calculus problems since there usually tend to be around two analysis questions on the whole exam. Despite all of my preparation the one thing that I lack is the most important skill of all. The ability to write a well thought out proof. I have some experience from doing USAMTS (United States of America Math Talent Search) which was a proof based contest (I didn't perform that well because of my lack of geometry knowledge but other than that I was fine) and reading other people's proofs. Hopefully this will be enough in order to get partial credit if I am able to even attack one problem.
If anyone out there needs any good luck while playing poker, just call me. Jameson and I have just discovered that I am good luck. I'm serious, the last week he won $100 with my help. This was after he lost about $30 because of Wade. I have started to become interested in playing poker. Right now I am playing on yahoo so as to get a better feel for the game. Later I will probably start playing online for real money, playing with real people however, is something that I will almost certainly never attempt.
Some of you, actually just a little over 50% will find this offensive. This is what I have learned this week. When a girl just starts bitching about something that is completely irrelevant all a guy need to do is say, "You don't know what you are talking about, your penis envy is clouding your judgment." I hope that I have not caused anyone to want to find and kill me, if I have all I can say is...

This video is the best waste of five minuets and ten seconds that you will ever find on the internet.