Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dodged a Bullet

Well this is the fist time I have managed to avoid the "blah blah blah just friends blah blah blah" conversation with someone.

This is all attributed to my decision to become more assertive/definite when it comes to making decisions. Before I would just be indifferent about most choices when someone else asked me make a decision. It wasn't that I didn't care what we did, it was just that I did not feel comfortable calling the shots because I would feel as if I were imposing my will on them. I guess this also might explain a few other aspects of my life, which I will not divulge into on this blog. In any case, I was talking to the girl that I had a small crush on a few days ago. I had known her for a while so I knew there was a pretty good chance that I had been placed on the "shitty ladder." (some people refer to this as the friend zone) Regardless I decided to find out weather or not my intuition was correct. Since I knew that I didn't want to have the talk which was outlined at the beginning of this post I went about gathering the information in a more subtle manner. Either way I got what I was expecting but wishing would not happen. So I have given up on pursuing that relationship any further.

It was not until today that I realized just how close I had cut it. I was talking to her and she mentioned that she was going on a date with some guy. This only a few days after asking me for advice on how to tell someone she only liked them as a friend, but not hurt them. Honestly, she was asking for the impossible. It's understandable that she would not know just how unrealistic this is because she never been, and most likely will never be, in the other person's position. Well I gave her an honest answer, which she seemed to take quite well actually.

Well I am glad that this will no longer be an issue. I can finally move on and not have any regrets about what could have been. Sorry if you are reading this post and it seems that things don't like together very well, I am just writing as things pop into my head.

Until next time. I am off to do more programming.


runiteking1 said...

Uhm, this is unrelated to the post but do you use the Greasemonkey, Firefox hack to get latex on your blog, or just compile it else where and copy the .png file?

Rocko said...

Hey man, don't let it get you down. As a fellow mathematician I understand how difficult it can get balancing your days between research and women. They're a dime a dozen, and as long as you keep looking, you're statistically bound to find a good one sooner or later.