Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Semester Down

Finally this semester is over. Not that I didn't enjoy it but the classes didn't provide me with enough of a challenge. I don't see too much changing next semester but you never know. I don't see any reason for not making all As since I pretty much destroyed every test and project. Well here's the expected break down of each class.

CIS 3020: Quite uninteresting. All the object oriented stuff we learned in class I already knew, and that was because I spent about an hour reading the OO portion of a C++ tutorial. The lab sessions were quite useful since you actually learned concept, thank god for graduate students. The two things I got out of this were learning some Java and finally switching over to Linux (as far as my laptop, I still have to get around to putting it onto my desktop).

Fourier Analysis: Worst mistake ever. Easy class, but so uninteresting. I was expecting a theoretical approach to the topic, or at least an applied one where theorems were stated and then proofs sketched. However, what I got was "here is what a fourier series is, now here is what MATLAB can do". Needless to say I didn't really learn anything I would consider worthwhile.

Numerical Analysis: Seemed like a computational approach to linear algebra. Though the class did make us use MATLAB he would explain where the equations and algorithms came from before showing how to perform them in MATLAB. Overall could have been a better class but I guess I was expecting too much since I had already started reading a Numerical Analysis book a few years ago.

Modern Analysis: Good review of what I did all last year in Adv. Calc. The problems he assigned were pretty interesting and required some thought, but nothing to the point where you would be banging your head on a desk two hours before the assignment was due. He's a pretty cool guy and an amazing teacher. The phrases of the semester were "blindingly obvious" and "it's easy", so as you can imagine we had some fun with those. OH before I forget he has agreed to be my faculty adviser (or whatever it's called) for my honors thesis. So after the second semester of the course we will get together to discuss thesis topics; looking forward to it.

On a non academic side, today I found out that I was chosen to go through the selection process for an NSA internship. Hope everything goes well and I am chosen, this is honestly my dream internship.

Also if you have lots of time to waste here is a really good site, though I warn you there are a lot of graphs.

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