Saturday, March 13, 2010

NPSC Fellowship

I meant to write this post earlier, and obviously that didn't happen.

As you should know by now, I spent a good part of my fall semester working on applications for graduate school. Well in addition to these applications I also spent time looking for and applying for external funding (which includes fellowships). Just as there are almost too many graduate schools you can potentially apply to, there are more than enough fellowships out there to consider. My bit of advice would be to become familiar with what is expected from you if you are chosen to be a fellow and end up accepting the offer. Needless to say, but you should also know just what kind of support they will be offering. Why waste your time on an application for an award that you know you would reject?
Anyway, one of the fellowships that I ended up applying for, and ultimately accepted, was one offered by the National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC). For information on the fellowship just follow the previous link. If you are too lazy I'll give you a brief overview; tuition covered, living stipend provided, and obliged to spend two summers with a NPSC Industry/Lab member. This list of might change from year to year so I can't say what your choices are.

I suppose in a future post I will describe my experience with applying to graduate school and for fellowships. I'll be sure to include what I wish I had done differently and what things I believed worked fairly well.

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