Thursday, July 06, 2006

Work and my final MAO nationals

Well so far work has not been all that I have been expecting. However, I realize that it could be much worse, and on the upside some of the problems are interesting (Just ask and I'll give and example or 2). The only major complaint that I have so far is that our work day has been extended from 3:00 to 4:00.

As for MAO nationals I would like for people to know that I have done nowhere almost as much preperation as I did last year. Don't worry though, all is not lost for I plan to study for the Individual and Ciphering on the plane and during the downtime we will have until I actually have to take those test.

YAY FLORIDA!!! Thank goodness they did not let that class action suite against the tobacco company go completly through. I myself find tobacco completly revolting, but honestly if people don't know by now that it is bad for their health then I guess they deserve to die...or live with the other side effects. Thinking about this has caused my mind to wander to another topic, legalizing marijuana. Sure the people that say it should be legalized and then taxed to high hell have a point. However, it is these people that also say that if it were legal then its use would decrease. Now let us think about that for just a moment...THAT IS THE FUCKING DUMBEST THING I HAVE HEARD IN A LONG TIME. Let us compare this to prohibition. I admit that during this time that there were people that illegally comsumed/produced alcohol. But look at the world today, do you honestly mean to tell me that since alcohol has become legal thats its use by society has decreased...(if you just answered yes you are more wasted that I have thought possible). So just legalizing marijuana will have the same effect. The people that already use it will just continue to and it will also become attractive to those who were affraid to use it befor for the sole reason that it was illegal. Now I don't know about you but when ever I have been around potheads, it has NEVER been a pleasane experience. Not only do they smell but they are just dumber than they were before they got high. O well I guess God needed a way to kill dumbasses, since appearently diseases and natural disasters just don't cut it any more. Also I think that the punishment that the government gives for possiession of a controling substance (for you potheads out there that don't remember what this means: "having weed on or within your reach) or use of such a substance, are way to light. I find it comparable to just giving a person who has confessed to first degree murder a literal slap on the wrist. Well I won't continue because I have divered way to far from the intended topic of this post.

Quote that I find to be quite hilarious: "Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done."
-Andy Rooney


DJ AP The Flash Photographer said...

Actually Nick, the punishment for posession is pretty bad. Especially, in occasions where the person who is "posessing" the marijuana has no idea that the marijuana is there. In addition, the consequences for first-time marijuana usage include: 100+ Hours of Community service, classes on drug abuse that you have to pay for and are not reimbursed for time lost from work, possible/probable loss of job depending on your line of work, and, at least in Florida, a permanently tarnished permanent record.

Also, what it takes to get charged for "Posession of Marijuana with the intent to sell" is pretty ridiculous. A few oz.'s of marijuana, enough to smoke with a couple of people can get you jail-time, and permanently labeled as a drug-dealer. After which, you have no choice but to become a drug-dealer, because you are a felon and cannot get hired.

Your comparison to legalization of alcohol is interesting. You almost win the argument. But, there are a number of conventional things that counteract that. For example, driving is a huge deal/privilege until you actually get to do it, as are things like staying up late, curfews etc.
Basically, people will be excited about it until it is legal, and then people will be stunned by the amount of usage of marijuana, and then we will realize how common it really is.

Also, the comparison to first degree murder is....


Nick said...

yeah i know, but it could be worse. And to the second paragraph, yeah that does suck...they should think about that and find a way to fix it, o well not my problem.