Friday, July 28, 2006

Last MAO Trip Ever

I feel somewhat obliged to update. I have been back from MAO nationals for a week now. Thank goodness it has not sturck me how much I will miss MAO. I am not sure if it is because some part of me truely will not or if I have just come to terms with the fact that it would have to end some time. Either way I find this to be quite astonishing. Nationals this year was just as much fun as it has been every prior year. Not to mention the added bonus of doing quite well, concidering the lack of studying on my part. Hanging out with Alli, Lauren, Sean, Michael, Patrick,...,Will,Gaku, and those of you that went to Hawaii is something I will always remember. However, if there was anything I could change about nationals it would have to be the fact that my favorite Asians were not there (Kevin, Roland, and Clara). MAO just isnt the same without them. Well its about time I say how I did.
Individual: 12th place
Ciphering: 8th place
Geometry: 15th place
Sequences and Series: 5th place
Hustle: 4th place (if we had gotten 6 more points we would have been 2nd)
Calculus Team: 7th place (even with the poor performances by Ashley and Alli and somewhat Sean)
Well next year I know I am already going to one MAO competition (the Janruary Invitational at Chiles) but I would also like to go with them to nationals, so I can spend time with Ashley before she goes do Duke, get to talk to Lauren in person (if you don't know how comforting this is you should really try it), and Roland befor he takes over MAO or the world...his call.

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