Monday, July 16, 2007

Liquids Control My Life

A few days ago I was browsing around and saw the most outrageous story. Before I start please sit down and try not to laugh too hard. The article headline read "The Most Expensive Bottled Water". Now when I saw this I was expecting to see around $10 per bottle. Astonishingly I was no where close. The actual price for the most expensive bottled water was about $55 per bottle. Now honestly how do you convince people to buy this? I don't remember the product name or the name of the company that made that specific "drink" but luckily there were others on the list. One of the more memorable brands on the list of outlandishly priced water was Bling H2O. Here is a link to their product homepage, BlingH2O. If you happened to click on the "Buy Now" link at the bottom of the page you should see some bottles with their respective prices. Now don't worry if you can't afford to buy the $552.20 limited edition, I am sure that the $20-40 variants will be just as satisfying. Hell it might even be the same as the $1 20oz. bottles that you can buy at just about any vending machine.
If you can manage to find the article on yahoo or with any search engine, you will notice that they sell almost exclusively to celebrities and people in Los Angeles. Just thought that I would put that out there. Exactly what I needed, another reason I would rather live in Chicago or New York, instead of California.
If you are not thinking that it is sad that people are willing to spend $20+ on bottled water, most of that money is really going towards paying for the bottle, then there is something wrong with you. Lets put things into perspective a little. You hear "$20+ for a bottle of water" and you think so what. Now if someone told you that you would have to pay $4 for a gallon of gas, you gather the towns people and march on city hall. Interesting isn't it. Unless things have drastically changes I think that water is just a little, not much actually, more important to sustaining life than gasoline was and ever will be any time soon. So unless you havea master plan to get America free oil then I suggest that you save that $552.20 and either put it towards an iPhone, a PS3, or buying gasoline and a Brita filter.

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Ann said...

probably people are upset about the gas because every gas station has $3 gas, while you can still get free water from water fountains. people don't have to buy the $20+ water.
and don't forget about ICEROCKS. the prepackaged spring water ice cubes. lol