Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Java

Well I have been doing a project in Java (obviously not my choice, I would rather be using C++). I have started to get annoyed with how verbose Java can be at times. For instance say you have two string, string1 and string2, and you wanted to see if they were the same; instead of just typing string1 == string2 like you would be able to in C++ you have to type string1.equals(string2). I should note that string1 == string2 is allowed in Java but it checks to see if the two objects point to the same location in memory, and in most cases this is not what you want to check. But check this out, apparently if you want to compare two characters using the == operator is perfectly fine, gosh Java just make up your mind already. Well that's enough Java bashing for a while, I suppose that I just prefer C++ because it is what I learned first and have been using for much longer. I will admit though that Java does have its upsides (this will be left for another post).

The other day I got around to wondering why I never needed to defragment. the drive with Linux. I have just had people tell me this and have read it online but never actually got around to seeing why. So I got on Google did a quick search and found my answer, and was quite pleased with the result. Here is a link to probably the easiest explanation to follow. After reading that article I saw on the page a link to something about how to "properly delete files", something I have always wondered about and now was just as good a time as any to read about it. I won't go into it too much here, but when you just hit the delete button it is similar to just deleting the pointer that tells you where the information is stored and not the information itself. If you want a better explanation and information on how to "delete" the information just follow this link (you will see why I put delete in quotation marks once you read the article/post).


MLP said...

Consider using Perl :)

Anonymous said...

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