Friday, February 27, 2009

Back From a Hectic "Vacation"

Wow it has been a while since I have updated this blog. Quite a bit has gone on in my life since then, but I won't go into those things on this blog (that's what the other blog is for quite frankly). As far as school goes I am discovering that learning measure theory is almost as confusing as learning basic topology was the first time through. Luckily the professor makes comparisons to continuous functions, and other topological things that we are familiar with. So it could be worse I suppose. I tried reading the chapter in Rudin and needless to say I was left wondering, "what did he just say, and how am I suppose to show that?" Intermediate differential equations is pretty simple, the only bad thing is that some of the problems are quite computationally involved and they bore me to be honest. At times I wish the course was more proof based but I know that in order to do so you would need high level analysis (real or complex I'm not sure) and most of the people in that class (myself included most likely) aren't up to that.

The computer science classes are quite the bore. Though Intro. to computer organization has its interesting moments.

Well that's enough about classes. This Sunday there is going to be a programming contest. Hopefully everything will run smoothly *fingers crossed*.

Also I'm a lot more active on SPOJ now that I was before. I should start looking at more problems that just those I find interesting if I really want to increase my knowledge (or at least that's what I believe). The last problem I solved that required some thinking was a little DP problem. Building the solution wasn't all that bad, what made it a little challenging was making sure you caught all the cases.

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