Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Progress Update I

So far everything is going pretty smoothly. This is due largely in part to having created a UML, and doing some documentation before I started coding. However, I feel that I will have to go back and change and/or add somethings. The biggest problem right now is memory management. I don't yet fully understand how the delete keyword works, so my classes at this point don't have deconstructors (yes I know wasted memory, but the game shouldn't be that big so I will worry about it later). This is the main reason that I considered writing the game in Java and not C++.

Creating and using my own header files is actually easier that I had first assumed. Every now and then I will make sure that they work by trying to use them in a small test program that I wrote. Most of the time if there is a problem with a file it is because of a stupid typo or forgetting to include another needed header file, so nothing too detrimental.

Even though everything works so far, and by that I mean compiles with no errors or warning, I still have no idea if they work as intended.

I'll post a quick overview of all the current and planned header files in the next update.

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