Sunday, May 07, 2006 week later...

Well after my first week of AP exams I think I have done pretty well.
AP Statistics: wtf was up w/ #6 FRQ but still think I got a 4 or 5
AP Calculus BC: I would be surprised if I missed any of the multiple choice questions. On the FRQs there was only one part of a question that I had no idea about but am sure I got the rest right. However, I know that I could have written better "proofs", but an sure I got a 5.
AP Lit. and Comp.: the multiple choice got raped...the essays I just didn't care as much, so they sorta sucked.
Well this up coming week I plan to pass atlast 2 (Chem. and Econ.).
I have been told that Government was easy but I'm still sorta worried...will go over old FRQs tomorrow so I should be fine.
Chemistry I am ready to destroy...I hope. I KNOW that I will pass most likely a 3 by after the gov. exam I plan to do some last minuet review to turn that 3 into a 4 =)
Economis is the one topic of all of these that I find the most interesting. However, since Swanson really didn't teach us SHIT I am going to have to learn it all in about 1-2 days. If I was not going to be a mathematics major I would probably have decided to major in either economics or buisness.
Well back to studying...can't wait for APs to be over so that I can start to actually focus on getting ready for the Putnam.

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