Wednesday, May 17, 2006

There are those of you I will miss and those of you I won't

Well today was my last official day of public school.
Looking back it really was not all that bad, sure it could have been better but I'm glad that it wasn't worse.
Ok Roland you are going to have to "protect" yourself from Ashley...I mean w/o me there what is to stop her from trying to kill you.
Really I think I will remain in touch with most of my friends since they are either going to Gainesville or they visit often. For those that don't do either of those...there is always Google Talk..and AIM (this is only for Lauren, Ashley, KT, Annesh, Jessie, Clara, Alli, Kavi) if anyone else tries to talk to me on AIM they WILL BE IGNORED!!!
Like I noted in the title, there are people whom I am glad to be getting away from (not family members). Since I do not want to create enimies (although this would be interesting) these people shal remain namelss...but please know that they do exist.

Now I finally have time to prepare for the Putnam exam. I plan to buy the book Problem Solving Through Problems. I hear that it is amazing at preparing students for the Putnam examination. If it is as good as I hear I will loan it to you once I an done with undergrad or maybe I'll even share it with you...if you decide to come to UF.

First things first though, I really need to catch up on some sleep, so I think I will spend about an extra thirty minuets sleeping each day. Then I will be ready to lean Analysis, Discrete math, probability, and prepare for the Putnam.

Well that is all for now.

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