Saturday, June 10, 2006

Change of plans

After doing some thinking I have decided that I will try to take only 4 classes my first semester at UF. If I do take 5 classes then I would like for two of them to be math classes. Well I'll just have to see how things go when I attend orientation.

Can't wait for June 26, 2006. That's when I start to work at FSU with the statistics department, hopefully I will have somewhere to park my car.

Well after doing some more work and reading I have realized that Putnam problems are not as hard as I once thought. Don't get me wrong they are still hard, just now they seem more approachable. I was working on one problem and had the right idea to express the sides of some squares in terms of trig. functions but I however made a mistake in finding a way to add their areas and as you guessed I did not get the right answer. Well off to try and solve more problems. Hopefully I will have more meaningful stuff to post in the near future.

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