Monday, August 07, 2006

...As Summer '06 Draws to an End

Well in about 12 days I will no longer know what it feels like to have A/C. Some people might find this depressing but really I dont mind as long as I have a fan. Honestly in my daily life I normally find it way too cold in my house and the temperature in my car is pretty nice, to me at least. Something I did not think about before was how I would be getting to my dentis appoinments. This really sucks because really the way I made my schedule really isn't good for my parents at all. O well I'm sure we will figure out something.
Well work is almost over, somewhat depressed because I will no longer have a reliable high speed connection.
As summer comes to a close I really wish I had gotten a real job and had spent more time with my friends. At least I will have that one week when some of them go back to Chiles to hang out with them during lunch, so it's all good.

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