Sunday, August 27, 2006

First Week of College

Well as the title indicates this post will be about my first week of college.
I moved in on Saturday and spent that day and Sunday with my parents getting things for my room and setting it up. Not really that exciting. As of now not having A/C is not causing any major problems. However, my mom really wants me to try and get a room change. As I said previously, I do not have a problem with it so I think I will stay in Thomas for the rest of the year. Truly most of the time I will not be in my dorm so it will not be a major issue, and most of the school year not having A/C will not be bad since it will be cold anyways.
Classes started on Wednesday. They don't seem to be that different from how things were at Chiles. Sure I know that the material will be more difficult and that I will actually have to study, but as far as teaching styles there seems to be no difference. So far I have only had Calculus 3 and Physics w/ calculus 1. Calculus is really boring since we are going over topics that I had learned for MAO precalc year. Physics is interesting, it seems that we will be covering the same topics that Harvey covered just at a higher level. I am truly grateful that unlike most other people that got A's in that class, I actually bothered to learn the material and not memorize test questions/answers.

And now here is the random video for this post, hope you like Dragonball Z/GT.

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