Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Great Labor Day Weekend

So the weekend started with the first UF home game. Really it was not as loud as I had anticipated. For your information I live less than 500 yards from the loudest NCAA stadium. Since I did not see the need to buy tickets to attend a pointless game I stayed in my room playing Maple Story and walked around campus some.
Sunday was filled with great new adventures. However, during my "quest" I had put off doing my laundry, but this will be covered in Monday's story. Sunday I woke up and played some Maple and ate breakfast. Around 3:30 I went and played ultimate Frisbee, which left me covered in sweat and an unpleasant odor to say the least. After taking a bath I went to the Episcopal church which is withing walking distance of the dorm. Service was mediocre, nothing special but familiar in some ways. Now the highlight of the day, DINNER! Well mainly because I do not have the patience to sit here and type the whole story here is the general idea. I met three people; Sarah, Andrew, and Jarrod. They reminded me of some my friends in high school at first, but were really nothing like them once I thought about it for a while. After dinner we went to Ryan's dorm-located in Hume-I met even more interesting people. When it was getting close to midnight we started to play poker and then Hoopla, both great games. Well at about 2 in the morning we decided to call it a night. Myself and 4 other guys walked Sarah back to her dorm. At the current moment in time it is beyond my powers to remember the name of the dorm but I know that I have walked past it on my way to Beaty Towers, as a matter of fact you could say that it is right across the street form Beaty.
Monday capped off the best weekend so far. So when I woke up I realized that I still had to do my laundry and listen/watch my microeconomics lecture. After completing both of these task it was about 2:00. If you noticed nowhere did I say that I had eaten breakfast in this time so by 2:00 I was starving to say the least. Well while eating I ran into Ryan, John, and Peter (more people I met on Sunday). Then went to John's dorm played cards for a while until his friend, whose name I cannot recall right now, invited us to play Halo 2. As you have guess at 8:00 we watched the FSU-Miami game. AMAZING, and FSU won which was an added bonus for me. 13-10.
Well those were the highlights of the weekend.

Now this weeks video, if only Roland were this good:

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ann said...

i'm glad you're meeting cool new people and having a good time there. :-)