Sunday, August 10, 2008

Extracurricular Affairs

Well by this time I am sure that just about everyone has heard about the John Edwards affair. If not, or you for some reason want to read more about it, just click on the previous link and it will take you to an article in the New York Times. Now I am not supporting this kind of activity but really why would you put something like this out when your family is in the public eye? To me it just seems like something that you would want to keep between yourself and your spouse. Regardless, what was he thinking? He is married and even has children. Luckily his two youngest children are not that old, so the kids they will interact with most of their lives will not remember this, but it will still be one of those "family secrets" you are ashamed of. As for his oldest child (who is at Harvard Law) good luck to her and dealing with this, since you know people will want to talk to her about it and how she feels.

Also this not only hurts him and his family but also a certain democratic candidate who happens to be running for president. It also doesn't help that Edwards chose to endorse Obama and not Hillary Clinton. I am sure that the McCain campaign will you this to their advantage when the time is right.

In any case it seems that democrats seem to take part in "extramarital activities", weather holding office or not. Kennedy, Clinton, and now Edwards, just to name a few. Let's see if (and hopefully not) Obama will keep the tradition good.

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