Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping Can Actually be Fun

Decided to do some last minute back to school shopping. Really all I needed was a new pair of shoes and a few other minor things. The only real thing I needed was shoes, everything else I could have bought once I got back to campus, but why not buy now instead of later.

Since I knew that I needed shoes, the first place we (Ann and I) went was to the shoe section of Sears since I had seen the shoes I wanted there before. The shoes I got were Adidas Samba's, I had actually been wanting a pair for the longest while but never got around to actually buying them. They only came out to be $42.99, and I just happened to have $40.00 cash in my wallet, so I ended up putting the other $2.99 on my credit card, I'm sure that I looked pretty weird.

After buying the shoes we just walked around the mall for a while before deciding that I could actually buy some more cloths. Really a fun experience, trying on everything and getting a good laugh at how ridiculous I looked or how amazing it was. The two things that stick out the most are the pink shirt that Ann wanted me to try on even though I told her that I would not buy it. I must admit though that it didn't look all that bad, however, I stand by my decision to not buy it. Then there was this set of brown shorts with white vertical lines, and another set of brown pants. Both were too big so I didn't have to put up much of a fight as to why I wasn't going to buy them. After all of this I just ended up buying a white button down shirts with grayish vertical stripes/lines.

This might not seem all that interesting to most of you but to the parties in attendance it was quite the memorable day.

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