Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Progress Update II

Well I ended up starting over. My original plans were a little too complicated for a first attempt at a game. However, the way things are set up it is moderately easy to make any desired updates. One "mistake", well more of a not sticking to convention, is that I did not separate the interface and implementation of things in my header files. Right now I'm reading more on why this should be done, but haven't gotten far enough to be able to see much real benefit.

Here are all the header files I use as well as a brief description of what they do.

Used to make the hero class, also known as the character you control.

Basic information that all enemies in the game share; such as health, a name, and strength.

Save.h and Load.h
Used to save and load game data.

Control all the aspects of combat. This would include things like if an attack hits, how much damage attacks do, and knowing when a fight is over.

All the menus that appear in the game are in this file. It contains a number of functions that return characters or strings, to let the game know what the user has decided to do.

Contains the Play_game( ) function that more or less controls the flow of the game.

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